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Seats these days just aren't comfy enough. And drivers are spending more time on the road than ever! That's why the automotive seat cushions market has exploded in recent years.

We've got every style for every need - from lumbar and coccyx pillows to magnetic therapy cushions, novelty items such as our new batman and superman series - and of course, heating and cooling seat cushions.

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While tooling around town or sitting through weeklong journeys, your child can enjoy all the comforts of home on the road with our auto accessories for kids! Whether it’s keeping them entertained or keeping your vehicle clean and organized (or both!) we’ve got you covered!

We offer a Snack and Play Activity Desk that straps instantly to almost any car seat, to create a fun, kid-safe lap tray with 3” sides that keep snacks and toys off the floor. Big nylon mesh pockets hold sippy cups, snacks, books, and toys within easy reach of your little one.

We also carry a 100% Washable Kick Mat with Top Organizer Pocket, perfect for storing extra needed supplies, all while keeping the back of your seat clean! Wrap the straps around the front seats and you have instant rear storage and protection. It protects your vehicle from unwanted damage, like scuff marks, scratches, footprints, or anything else that could dirty up your seat!

If you have children, our kids accessories will keep your interior organized and give you peace of mind that your little ones items are within their reach.

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Looking for a way to give the exterior of your car, truck or SUV a polished style? Take it to the next level with a sleek, new license plate frame!

Comes in matte black and chrome metal, these license plate frames will give any vehicle that sharp, modern look it needs. With an extra wide blank bottom, these provide you the option to customize it to your choosing!

Made of thick, high quality metal, these will not bend or break. You’ll be surprised how much newer your vehicle will look by adding a small detail like a new license plate frame!

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Our dusters save time, money and effort! One will quickly lift off dust but won’t scratch the paint, giving your car a just washed look with very little effort and no water. The 100% cotton mop head is treated with a special paraffin wax to remove (not just move) dust from your vehicle’s surface. This long-lasting, durable plastic handle is easy to wipe clean and withstand years of use.

No more multiple washes in a week or putting up with a dusty car until your next wash! Keep one of these dusters in your trunk and you’ll always be ready to wipe away dirt and everyone will think you just had it washed!

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