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Sharper Image

Sharper Image is a brand best defined by the unique features and high functionality found in nearly all its products. Originally launched in 1977, Sharper Image remains committed to the traditions of innovation and excitement from which it was founded. These guiding values drive us to make everyday life better with fun and helpful products.

With our Sharper Image brand line of Automotive Accessories, we look to push new ground by offering products that not only protect your vehicle interior, but products that protect those inside as well. Our goal is to bring fresh ideas with high value to each and every vehicle on the road today, making your next trip that much more enjoyable.

Sharper Image Anti-Microbial Products were designed to protect all that travel inside of your vehicle using modern advancements in textile design. Our Seat Covers and Steering Wheel Cover are made with an advanced silver-ion infused fabric that prevents bacterial growth which can cause mold & fungus. This unique fabric also helps the covers to stay clean and fresh, controlling odors in the process.

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Sharper Image Steering Wheel Covers go beyond just protecting your steering wheel from everyday wear and tear. With innovative features like tactile gel grips for better control, cooling gel inserts for increased comfort while driving and anti-microbial materials, you can find the perfect fit for both you and your vehicle within our collection.

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Sharper Image Sunshades keep your vehicle cool under the sun with unique design, fun materials, and dazzling textures. From eye-catching holographic shades to ultra-convenient shades that retract away for easy storage, functionality always comes first. Our sunshades block harmful UV rays and reduce the temperature inside of your vehicle while parked.

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